People at the gym today are very different from those of the past

They are more active and less likely to get bored of working out on machines.

The video training sessions by professionals like Chalene Johnson, Jillian Michaels, and Tracy Anderson have had a huge impact on how people workout today. Videos can provide resources for every aspect of fitness including diet, eating right, and exercise.

With more and more people getting on the healthy bandwagon, AI will be able to provide insights into people’s fitness and use these insights for better health and physical performance. Fitness apps will soon be capable of analysing different activities that a person has done in their day-to-day life including running, walking, climbing stairs, swimming or cycling.

This blog post is written by someone who has a passion for health and fitness. They share their experience of staying fit and healthy.

I’m going to start with a disclaimer, I’m not an expert or professional by any means but I am someone who has been working out and taking care of my health for the past 3 years. I think in order for you to have success with any fitness routine, it’s important that you have a balance of both mental and physical aspects.