Running is one of the best cardio exercises that can help people shed pounds and stay fit

However, it is not easy to start a running regimen without previous experience or proper guidance. With the help of fitness and health videos on YouTube, beginners can get started with their training regimen without having to go to a gym facility.

YouTube stars are making their mark as health and fitness experts by providing video training to people who need extra guidance in their workouts. Some of these YouTube celebrities have more than one hundred million followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Today, the world is running nonstop with the digital era, and people are looking for ways to stay fit.

The gym has changed a lot since the beginning of time. In the early days people would train in actual gyms. Now, fitness apps and YouTube channels are becoming more popular than ever.

YouTube has become a huge source for people to find fitness and workout videos from all around the world. The more videos you watch on YouTube can also help you improve your own personal fitness further.

This article aims to explain what cardio and running are. It also clarifies the difference between the two and discusses why it is important to have a balanced workout routine.

Everyday people are at risk of not exercising enough, especially when they spend their days at desks. This can lead to serious health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Running is one of the best exercises that can help people prevent these diseases.

While many people prefer cardio as opposed to running because it is easier, cardio is actually less effective than running in terms of burning calories.