Today, a gym can be completely surrounded by technology

With the help of equipment like treadmills, rowers, and elliptical machines, people are able to exercise in a way that they never could before.

The world of fitness is rapidly changing. Companies are investing in technologies that would make their customers’ lives more comfortable and easier. They have invested heavily in wearable technologies for better monitoring of workout sessions and for keeping the users engaged during them.

Today’s video training is more convenient for people who are traveling or want to do their cardio routine at the gym.

Ever since the rise of YouTube, it is now easier than ever to watch videos from anywhere. As a result, many people are turning to streaming fitness videos on platforms such as YouTube as supplements for their workouts.

Before Youtube, people used to use fitness magazines and DVDs. Unlike today’s online media where there is only one video source for all topics (e.g., a fitness magazine), there were many sources that had different content and would change every day or so. Nowadays, everything can be found on one platform like Youtube and it has made life easier for everyone in the process.

People like to stay active and healthy. Especially, when it comes to staying fit and in shape, people like working out. There are more and more gyms popping up all over the world.

Most people aren’t doing their cardio for the right reasons – a lot of them do it because it’s a trend or because their friends are doing it.

This article discusses how some youtube videos are influencing people in the wrong way by promoting an unhealthy lifestyle through false advertising and misleading content.