Today the internet is filled with videos on the fitness and health industry

Some of these are made by professional fitness instructors. Others are made by regular people who want to help others achieve their fitness goals at home.

This article will provide you with a list of the top 10 YouTube channels in order to stay motivated about your fitness goals and become more active online.

Today’s gym is different as compared to the gym of the past. It not just a place meant for exercise, but also a place where people can relax, socialize and have fun while living healthy.

A few years ago, I could not walk for a month. I was constantly out of breath and being able to run for more than five minutes was difficult. So let’s take a walk through my journey from the couch to an accurate workout plan that has helped me reach my fitness goals.

I know you’re thinking about giving up on exercise and going back to the couch–don’t! The first step is always quitting something cold turkey. Eliminating bad habits, like watching hours of YouTube fitness videos is a great way to start off your new journey with this sport.