Today’s gym has been transformed into a social and meditative experience

There are people who go to the gym to get sweaty, get their heart rate up, and see their progress on social media.

Runners can watch videos of their training session on YouTube and track their progress on a map via the cardio app Strava. And there is no better way to do this than to run outside in fresh air while listening to music while wearing headphones, which is what most of these runners do.

Some people who are not as physically inclined might choose a video game as an alternative to working out because they have something that motivates them visually or mentally.

The trend of going to the gym has been on a rise in recent years. With this, there were many new gyms popping up in big cities like London, New York City and Los Angeles. In addition to functional aspects of gyms like exercise equipment, there is also the social aspect. People want to feel welcomed and accepted when they go to the gym.

Since gyms are becoming more popular, they are simply making people more aware of what they need in order to stay healthy and fit.

This is where YouTube come into play with their helpful workout videos aimed at people who want guidance on different types of training as well as tips on how to stay healthy without leaving home.

YouTube is currently the number 1 site for fitness advice making it a viable option for exercise guidance.

Today, it’s not enough to go to the gym and try a few cardio and strength training sessions; one must watch how they exercise with video content online.

Gone are the days where people would exercise only when they’re able to visit a gym or have time for running outside. With Youtube being an important source of information, people have found ways on how to best workout from home with their own bodyweight.

There are a variety of workout videos available on Youtube that one can use from a simple yoga session, to complex movements like Crossfit, and weightlifting.